Promotion Update:  We're excited to hear that Shiloh is extending this amazing promotion in to 2013.  It has been a huge success for us and an amazing deal to our clients!  We can offer our clients the high end, custom look of INSET doors for the price of a mid-range cabinet, like KraftMaid.  Once only privvy to the luxury market, inset doors can now be in a mid-range budget remodel.  Hurry in today to take advantage of this promotion.  

Now, for a limited time, you can enhance your cabinets with a classic, antique look. Beaded inset cabinet doors add character and depth to your cabinets and are now available for the same price as standard overlay doors! This offer is available only for Shiloh Cabinetry, a quality, custom-cabinet fabricator in business since 1977.

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I would like to take the time to tell you how pleased we are with our new kitchen. We are constantly admiring it, it has made such a difference in the appearance of our kitchen.

Kitchen and Bath Installation Services

Kitchen and Bath Installation in a timely manner to fit your needs.

As a kitchen cabinet dealership, we can supply you materials for your dream kitchen.  We also offer professional installation.  You also have the option to do-it-yourself, act as your own general contractor or hire a contractor of your choice.  Our primary installation crew, Russ and Steve, have been with us since 1983. We also work in conjunction with several general contractors in our area and can recommend one for your project.

How Long Will It Take???

We are committed to getting you settled into your new kitchen in the quickest time possible. Every designer at The Kitchen Place has personally gone through a complete kitchen remodel in our own homes, so we understand firsthand how the process works. 

Many of our kitchen remodeling projects can be accomplished in two weeks once all materials are in.  A short two week project can happen if you are just changing out cabinets and getting laminate tops.  If your kitchen is a major remodel, it can take 4-8+ weeks.  

Experience goes a long way. We've been in business since 1983. We've installed thousands of kitchens and we've optimized our process along the way to minimize the time your home is in disarray.  

To help you gauge the length of a typical kitchen installation, we have prepared an average timeline:



Time To Complete

Structural changes

Examples: knock out a wall; add a load bearing beam; remove soffits
Depends on extent of changes and building type but typically adds 2 days


Cabinets and installation materials delivered and placed in your garage.  Delivery charges apply.
0-1 days.  We will deliver the day of install.  Due to schedules, we may delivery a few days in advance.


Kitchen cabinets, appliances, flooring and other features removed
1-2 days

Mechanical changes

New electrical wiring, new plumbing
1-3 days


Install new floor, such as hardwood and ceramic tile. Flooring can go down before or after the cabinets, depending on material.  Typically, it goes in AFTER.
1-4 days


Install new cabinetry, moldings, hardware & accessories
1-4 days

Appliances and Plumbing

Install new appliances; hook up electrical and plumbing to appliances; Hook up sink, DW, garbage disposer
1/2 - 1 day


Measures space and orders material to fit new specifications
Depends on material: Laminate, 1 day to 3 weeks; solid surface, 2-3 weeks; quartz and granite 2-3 weeks


Install new can lights, under cabinet lights
1/2 to 1 day depending on scope of lighting plan