Promotion Update:  We're excited to hear that Shiloh is extending this amazing promotion in to 2013.  It has been a huge success for us and an amazing deal to our clients!  We can offer our clients the high end, custom look of INSET doors for the price of a mid-range cabinet, like KraftMaid.  Once only privvy to the luxury market, inset doors can now be in a mid-range budget remodel.  Hurry in today to take advantage of this promotion.  

Now, for a limited time, you can enhance your cabinets with a classic, antique look. Beaded inset cabinet doors add character and depth to your cabinets and are now available for the same price as standard overlay doors! This offer is available only for Shiloh Cabinetry, a quality, custom-cabinet fabricator in business since 1977.

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Kelly, the counters are great!! When I got home from work Friday evening I was blown away with how great they look. Mom was impressed with the Installer. I think his name was Ed. She said he was very professional. We really appreciate all the help you have been. 


Kitchen Place of Dayton Ohio provides many different types of countertops.
We offer almost all types of countertops, ranging from laminate to granite to acrylic.
Hi-Macs Regular Colors
Hi-Macs Premium Colors (Volcanics)
Hi-Macs Eco Colors (Eden)
Hi-Macs Viatera Quartz
Cambria Quartz
Silestone Quartz
Zodiaq Quartz
Caesarstone Quartz
All Formica Products
All Wilsonart Products
All Dupont Corian, Zodiaq and Dupont Granite Colors

Selecting the Right Work Surface for Your Kitchen

Material. Naturally, when you are choosing a kitchen countertop, the material of which it's made will be your first, and most important, consideration. To find the ideal material for your kitchen, determine how it will be used and how much you have to spend.


Color. Once you've decided on a surfacing material, you'll need to choose a color. If you think that resale value may be a consideration at some point in the future, you'll want to keep your choice fairly low-key. However, if your only goal is to have your kitchen reflect your personality, choose any color you like! If you choose a countertop in an unusual color or create a boisterous ceramic tile mosaic, make that the focal point of your kitchen and keep other furnishings neutral. Also, consider whether your kitchen is visible to other areas of the house. Although a kitchen with bright red countertops may make a bold design statement, this may not be the first thing you want visitors to see when they enter your home. Then again, it may be exactly the tone you want to set - just make that decision before the countertops are installed!


Other questions. Other factors to consider when choosing a countertop are how well they will blend with your cabinets and flooring and how appropriate a choice is compared to the style and architecture of your home. For instance, even if you love the look of stainless steel, it probably won't blend in well in your traditional, farmhouse-style kitchen, and turquoise-blue laminate countertops will never look right with your dark cherry cupboards.

Brands We Carry

Laminates: Formica - Wilsonart - Nevamar

Acrylic: Dupont Corian - LG HiMacs - LG Earthstone - LG Eden - Staron - Gibraltar - Hanex - Formica

Quartz: Cambria - Caesarstone - Zodiaq - LG Viatera - Hanstone - Silestone

Recycled Glass Composite: Vetrazzo

Natural Stone: All kinds of granite, marble, slate and soapstone. Call our store for information on viewing and selecting your own slabs.

Compare Kitchen Cabinets

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